A Meme Coloring Book Exists, Making Our Dreams Come True.

Memes have completely and utterly taken over the internet, making us LOL and constantly feel understood. Now, thanks to creative genius Jason Wong, you can unwind and relive your favorite memes from 2016 in one gloriously perfect coloring book. That's right — a meme coloring book exists, and it looks just as dank as it sounds.

Aptly titled Holy Méme Bible, this masterpiece features 16 pages of coloring outlines, puzzles, and word searches related to your favorite memes, from Arthur's permanently clenched fist to the loin-cloth-covered caveman Spongebob. Any meme-lovers interested in purchasing this book can get it on the hilarious official website for just $8 — what a bargain! You can get your daily dose of humorous memes while unplugging from your phone and getting in touch with your artistic side. It doesn't get much better than that!

Keep reading for a sneak peek at some of the funny activities in the book.