6 Travel Tech Items for Spring Break

As we venture further into the month of March, two words are pretty much constantly on our minds: Spring Break. And if you’re planning to take a vacation during your time off, you’re road-tripping or hopping on a flight, going somewhere sunny or opting for snow, or anything and anywhere in between, it’s about time to start thinking about your packing. So, let’s talk tech. These days, unsurprisingly, there’s a serious plethora of tools and gadgets made specifically for travel ease or that just lend themselves really well to being on the go. We’re talking devices for charging, tracking, beauty, safety, games, and more. Ahead, 6 such items that might just be worth it for your next trip.

Snap Inc. Spectacles, $130. spectacles.com

Snapchat’s high tech glasses, which allow you to record right from the stylish frames, are sure to be a major hit on any Spring Break trip.

Lifeproof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case for iPhone 7, $57. amazon.com

Protect your phone from water, sand, sun, snow, and any other elements (or accidents) it may encounter on your trip with this Lifeproof case (which is available for various smartphone models).

TrackR bravo, Silver 4-Pack, $80. amazon.com

Give yourself some added peace of mind by pairing these trackable little tiles with some of your most important belongings — like your wallet and phone — and track them down when you can’t find them. If you’ve misplaced your phone, you can use TrackR to ring it; if you’ve misplaced something else, you can use your phone to find it and make it ring — and if it’s out of range of your device, the TrackR Crowd Locate network can help find it.

Lulus Stay Sharp Cactus Print Phone Power Bank, $20. lulus.com

Every traveler (or pretty much every smartphone owner, for that matter) can use some backup phone power in her bag while she’s on the go.

One Adapter Twist Plus World Charging Station, $45. amazon.com

Heading out of the country? Bring along this adapter that not only has the right plugs for more than 150 countries (including those in the U.K., U.S., E.U., and in Australia), but also is equipped with four USB charging spots and a spot specifically for connecting an Apple MacBook power adapter.

GEKO Smart App Safety Whistle, $50. urbanoutfitters.com

After you download the companion WISO app on your smartphone and pair it to this device, you can use the Smart Whistle to instantly notify your loved ones if you’re in danger; either by blowing on it or pressing the button for two seconds.