Steps to Having a Good Morning

You know those days when you’re super productive, everything goes smoothly, and you just feel great? They’re pretty nice, aren’t they? I was never sure what set them apart from all the other days of the year until I looked back and realized it was one thing—they’d all started with a good morning! Setting up your day with a strong foundation is an easy way to get the good vibes flowing, and guarantee yourself at least a better than average day. I’ve put together a few steps that always do the trick for me, and thanks to this morning routine, I can look forward to getting out of bed!

Jamar Foster

Jamar Foster

Wake Up Early

I’ve noticed that every time I wake up at noon, I spend the rest of the day groggy and unmotivated. Waking up early is the most important step here in my opinion, because you get a few extra hours of “me time” without being rushed into the day. It’s also the perfect time to start knocking things off your to-do list so you can have more time to relax later on, which you’ll definitely appreciate! Oh, and one more thing—don’t press snooze! Okay, maybe once or twice, but I’ve had many mornings when I let that alarm go off every 9 minutes for close to two hours. Those 9 minute sleeping intervals may feel good at the time, but when you actually have to get up, you’ll be feeling those two hours of bad sleep.

Get Into Stretching

For the past few weeks, I’ve spent the first half hour of my morning; stretching. It’s a great way to get your body moving and snap out of sleep mode, and it’s good for you too! I’ve noticed such a difference in the way I feel throughout the day thanks to this routine; more energy, better focus, and less stress. If you haven’t tried extensive stretching before, it’s super easy to get into and learn about, especially with Pinterest by your side! I’m always finding new pins of stretching routines go check out some on my Pinterest (pinterest icon above). There’s a routine for everybody, so search around to find one that suits your needs!

Grab Some Coffee/Tea

I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker, except on those days when the Starbucks menu is just too tempting. But whether you’re a coffee addict or a tea lover, starting your day off with a cup of your favorite drink will get you in the mood to start knocking things off that to-do list of yours. Of course, the added caffeine boost doesn’t hurt. 

Make A Schedule For Your Day

If you’re like me and have a schedule of your day planned out in your head that you seem to run through every 5 minutes, I’d suggest finding yourself a sturdfy notepad or journal and writing all of those plans down. It’ll make you feel so much better to have your thoughts written down on paper, and you won’t have to constantly worry about whether you forgot to do something. If planning out your day by the hour is too constricting for you, maybe jot down a list of things you want to accomplish by the end of the day instead. Cross off tasks as you complete them, and reward yourself when they’re all done!

Stay Off The Internet For An Hour

I’m a huge culprit of waking up and laying in bed with my phone instead of getting out of bed. Here’s the thing; nobody is doing anything of a huge importance at 7am, and if they are, they probably aren’t posting about it on Instagram, because it’s 7am. Spend the first hour of the day away from the computer, and just enjoy the peace for a little while. Step outside, make some breakfast, read a magazine, or really anything other than sit in a dark room scrolling through yesterday’s Twitter feed. Trust me, it will be okay.