How to Live Your Best 2017.

my sister visiting Greece in 2015

my sister visiting Greece in 2015


To make your own choices for yourself and to try to enjoy life as you experience it without becoming distracted, concerned, or affected by choices others make for themselves in living their lives which don't impact you or your life is one of the best ways to approach it.

When my sister returned from the amazing country of Greece, she came back with some amazing advice, "Live the Fuck out of your Life." Well obviously without the explicit, I believed that guidance. To me, I believe living your best life is, Experience the most that you can. That's all that life is. The good and the bad. The happiness and the hurt. 

I find it a little ironic that some of the best advice about life I've ever found has come from Twitter, but here are some of my favorite Tweets about life:


There are many ways to think of this saying. For me, it means to really live your life mindfully, don't just go through it robotically, not appreciating or noticing the many different sights, feelings, challenges and joys. When I ask myself what else it means, I hear it as encouragement to really go for it in life. 

my sister's friend Allison in Maui (2014)

my sister's friend Allison in Maui (2014)

How you do this you ask?

Actively live your life; 


Do not try to live a life that would be better for someone else.

The first means to go through our problems. We are all sometimes held back by our past. We allow a bad relationship, or a traumatic event to hold us back. We let fear, or anger, or jealousy, or a desire to have something that is simply impossible and/or bad for us, prevent us from actively going out and making courageous choices. We remain trapped in a moment.

Yes, literally speaking, the person who is afraid and cooped up in his house is "living their life" in that he is respiring (look that up later). But he is living a constrained and limited life, just like a person who may be struggling to manage an illness may not have the full range of options available to them.

The second means to embrace what you are capable of doing and who you are, without regret or guilt.

The example I offer quite often is this: As the person I am, I have to forgive others and view everyone as being able to improve. My psychology would not lead to very pleasant places if I started viewing people as barriers to be destroyed or problems to be fixed.

Not everyone has to have that commitment. It's something I have put upon myself to insure that my efforts to change the world remain positive.

I would in theory love to do physics, but I don't have the mind for it at the moment. I would love to invent something but that's almost definitely not happening (not with my classes).

We should embrace our talents and skills for what they are, while doing our best to grow and step outside of a comfort zone that is how to live your best life.

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